360° Influencer Marketing on AI

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Brands and Influencers can find and contact each other thanks to our 360° approach.

  • Find Influencers
  • Find Sponsors
  • Publish your offers/Ads
  • Create Alerts


Our AI & ML technology has minimized the human input by optimizing the automation.

  • AI Driven Suggestions
  • Auto-filled Proposals 
  • Digital Contract signing
  • Campaign Management 
  • Productivity tools


Track dynamic ROI and explore opportunities by using  our ML based analytics. 

  • Fully Automated Reporting
  • Customized Reports 
  • AI based Recommendations

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in Marketing today and showing no sign of slowing down in near future.

In the current digital era, consumers are overwhelmed with the advertisements everywhere resulting in the increasing disinterest in making purchasing decision based on traditional advertisement. Hence, this is the high time to connect with your customers through peers they trust

Key Facts:

  • 80% Marketers used Influencer Marketing in 2017
  • Around 45% Influencers are willing to promote the brands they love for Free
  • More than 47% users use Ad Blockers today

Why Us?

Connecsi is designed to simplify the influencer marketing by using artificial intelligence. Our smart and intuitive platform is extremely easy to use and guides you at every step so that you can get the optimum results with least efforts.

If you have been looking for a single solutions to satisfy all your influencer marketing requirements, then your search ends here.

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key Features

Free Unlimited Search

Find the best match for your business without worrying about your budget. As we offer FREE unlimited searches to all our users.

Custom Offers

Create and publish custom offers to all Connecsi users. Similarly, you can search for offers of your interest via simple search and respond directly to the advertiser.

Campaign Management

Get a holistic view of all your campaigns to see real-time performance statistics and ROI. No need to use any other program as Connecsi provides you all features and tools within one ecosystem.

Fully Automated Reports

No more struggling with manual reports. We offer fully automated reports meaning once the campaign is finished, your reports with downloadable file are automatically generated.

AI Driven User Guidance

The best part of using Connecsi is that you are never left alone. Our AI is is so intuitive that it guides you at every step so that you can get the best results with minimal efforts.

Digital Agreements & Proposals

We know the long painful process of preparing proposals and agreements. Now, you can send auto-filled proposals within a few clicks and also use our agreement templates to digitally sign without leaving our platform.

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