About Us

Our mission is to change the face of influencer marketing using Artificial Intelligence, making those long & manual processes obsolete. 



The idea of Connecsi was born back in 2015, when our Founder was looking for social media influencers to promote his client’s brand. After searching through tons of platforms and solutions, he couldn’t find a single solution that could satisfy all the requirements. Not only the available platforms were incomplete in one way or another but also significantly overpriced. This is when he decided to step up and make a change that would redefine the way Influencer marketing is done. Ever-since we have been working day and night to build a platform that would not only solve all the fundamental problems but also optimize the solutions to save your valuable time & money. It took us over 3 years to develop the first 360° Influencer Marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate all those long and painful manual processes like reporting, agreements & proposals etc. The best part is that you get all these without burning a hole in your wallet. To know more, contact our team today.

Our Services

Different solutions for different people

Influencer Marketing Platform

Our DIY platform is an ideal solution for those who are familiar with influencer marketing and would like to manage all their partnerships and campaigns by themselves. Whether you are a Marketer, Agency or an Influencer, we have plenty of tools and features to solve all your day to day needs.

Full Account Management

If you are new to this concept and do not know where to begin or simply don't have resources to spare then you could make use of our account management service. All you need to do is just tell us about your goals and our highly competent and experienced account managers will handle everything from screening to managing and reporting.

Custom Reports & Market Insights

If you are a savvy marketer who is looking to understand the market at the granular level to create new opportunities or simply optimize your current strategies. Then we can provide you the hidden market insights by using our advanced machine learning models.

Real-time Competive Analysis

Stand out of the crowd by constantly adapting your content to the market changes. You may compare head to head with other similar channels to see if where are the gaps and improvement areas.

Arbitrary Service ​

It´s our special service ideally designed for the users that are involved in highly confidential and big budget campaigns. In case of any agreement breach, Our appointed representative will run a full audit and lead the conflict resolution to the finish line.

Our Team

Meet the leadership

Mohit Kumar - Founder & CEO of Connecsi

Mohit Kumar

Founder & CEO

Kiran Padwal - Lead Developer at Connecsi

Kiran Padwal

Lead Product Development

Damian Nowak Director of operations at Connecsi

Damian Nowak

Director of Operations

Hemant Kumar - Tech Advisor at Connecsi

Hemant Kumar

Technology Advisor

Radosław Suchowierski​ - Art Director at Connecsi

Radosław Suchowierski​

Art Director

Dr. Michal Klimas - Connecsi

Dr. Michal Klimas​

Machine Learning Engineer