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Search, connect and collaborate with influencers without any hassle. Make use of default automation and plenty of integrated tools & features to optimize your results and scale up your campaign outcome. 

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Data Driven Search

Search thousands of macro and micro influencers worldwide and review their key metrics to understand their indfluence.

Fully Automated Reports

A comprehensive downloadable report is automatically generated at the end of each campaign.

Seamless Campaign Mangament

Campaign management couldn´t get easier than now, thanks to our automated and intuitive workflow.

Online Proposals & Agreements

Send autofilled proposals to influencers instantly. Share & sign agreements online without leaving the platform.

Monitor Real-time Performance

Monitor all your campaigns to track real-time KPIs in order to strengthen your strategic position.

Deep Analytics

Get in-depth analysis of all your activities with ML & AI driven recommendations to optimize your ROI.

How it works?

Follow these simple steps

Fill in a simple form with your requirements and goals to create your campaign.

There are 3 ways to find influencers:
  • Direct influencer search.
  • Search for offers posted by influencers.
  • Post your own offers publicly.

Once an influencer accepts your proposal, You may upload and sign an agreement online through your Connecsi account. 

Once campaign is finished, a comprehensive downloadable report will become available for review. Make sure all the agreement terms are obeyed. 

Once you are satisfied with the outcome, just pay influencer directly via your Connecsi account. 

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